Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Faculty Senate is pleased to announce that on June 16, 2018, the national American Association of University Professors membership voted to remove the University of Iowa from their list of sanctioned institutions. We should all take great pride in this accomplishment. It is the culmination of more than a year of challenging work. By working collaboratively with the Board of Regents, UI administration, and the local and national AAUP, we have brought some closure to a difficult chapter in our history. We helped to heal divisions within our faculty and forged a strong working relationship with our Regents. We hope that the process we used will be a model for future collaborative work with the Board. We thank each of you for your important contributions to this effort. In particular, we applaud the outstanding work of the Faculty Senate’s Sanction Removal Committee (Chair Sandy Daack-Hirsch, Frank Durham, Ed Gillan, Justine Kolker, Russ Ganim, Sherry Bates, and Rachel Boon). 

Read the documents created by the Faculty Senate Sanction Removal Committee, the Preamble and the Summary of Best Practice for Faculty Engagement in a UI Presidential Search