The University of Iowa
Policy Related to Faculty/Staff ID Card


University ID Card Services occasionally receives requests for photos of employees in their units, for purposes such as being able to identify employees in larger meetings or using the images in PowerPoint presentations or newsletters.


A committee was formed to discuss release of the employee ID photo.  The committee had representation from University Human Resources, Faculty Senate, ITS, Office of the General Counsel, Office of the Provost, Staff Council, University ID Card Services, two academic orgs, and three divisions.


The sole purpose of ID Card photos is for creating identification badges or cards.  They should not be released unless required by law, except for public safety functions.


Restricted release and use of the ID Card photo protects the individual’s privacy and corresponds with employees’ expectations of intended use.  Units that want photos for other purposes have the option of creating those photos through other means, with the employee’s knowledge of the intended use(s).