The University of Iowa
Tuesday, February 3, 2004
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Penn State Room, #337 Iowa Memorial Union

Members Present: Judith Aikin, Claibourne Dungy, Rebecca Hegeman, Ronald Herman, Richard LeBlond, Patrick Lloyd, Teresa Mangum, Kim Marra, Sue Moorhead, Linda Snetselaar, John Westefeld, Jerold Woodhead

Members Absent:  Phyllis Chang, Sheldon Kurtz, Shelton Stromquist, Paul Weller

Members Excused:  Katherine Tachau

Faculty Senate Officers in Attendance:  Margaret Raymond, President; Jeffrey Cox, Past President

Guests:  Phil Davidson (The Daily Iowan), Betsy Altmaier (NCAA Representative), Kristen Schorsch (Press-Citizen), Lola Lopes (Provost’s Office), Jim Andrews (AAUP), Ana Diaz-Arnold (BICOA), Lee Anna Clark (Provost’s Office), Kathryn Wynes (Provost’s Office), Charlotte Westerhaus (Equal Opportunity and Diversity), Eugene Spaziani (Emeritus Faculty Council), Pat Cain (Provost), Tom Owen (Gazette), Julie Thatcher (Faculty Senate Office), Charles Drum (University Relations), Fred Antczak (CLAS)

I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 3:34 PM, February 3, 2004.

II.  Approvals

  1. A.     Prof. Westefeld moved (second by Prof. Aikin) to approve the minutes of the December 9, 2003 Faculty Council meeting.  The motion passed on voice vote.
  2. B.     Prof. Herman moved (second by Prof. Marra) to approve Prof. Khandelwal to replace Prof. Deem in the Faculty Senate for 2004-2005.  The motion passed on voice vote.
  3. C.     Prof. LeBlond moved (second by Prof. Snetselaar) to approve Prof. Herwaldt to fill the clinical track vacancy on the Judicial Commission for 2004-2006.  The motion passed on voice vote.

III.   Reports

   A.   BICOA Response to the COIA Framework, Ana Diaz-Arnold

Prof. Diaz-Arnold discussed the BICOA report drafted to assess the COIA Framework document’s effect on the athletic programs at The University of Iowa.  This BICOA report was submitted to the Council at the request of the Faculty Senate.  Prof. Cox asked if the 20-hour rule is self-reporting.  Prof. Diaz-Arnold responded that the rule as practiced at Iowa is self-reporting. She further stated that she does not have adequate quantitative data to accurately determine if this procedure is working satisfactorily.  Prof. Cox asked if BICOA had considered removing alcohol advertisements from athletic event venues.  Prof. Diaz-Arnold responded that this had not been an issue discussed in BICOA in the past, but BICOA could consider this at a future meeting.  Prof. Dungy responded that the Athletic Department would probably respond that the Department is not involved with advertising decisions. 

Prof. Raymond asked how many 3-year rotations on the committee are appropriate.  Prof. Diaz-Arnold responded that perhaps it would be wise to limit the membership to one five-year period instead of multiple 3-year rotations.  Prof. Aikin encouraged the Committee on Committees to nominate individuals who are involved with undergraduate teaching.  Prof. Diaz-Arnold responded that BICOA is a non-chartered committee whose members are appointed by the President, but typically after receiving recommendations from the Faculty Senate’s Committee on Committees. 

MOTION: Prof Cox moved (second by Prof. Westefeld) to endorse BICOA’s recommendation to adopt a five-year term for membership on the committee.  The motion passed on voice vote.  Prof. Dungy requested that Prof. Cox’s motion be sent to the Faculty Senate for review and consideration.

MOTION: Prof. Marra moved (second by Prof. LeBlond) to commend the committee for its fine work.  The motion passed on voice vote.

   B.   Task Force on Student Arrest Rates, Margaret Raymond

Prof. Raymond initiated discussion of the report from the Task Force on Student Arrest Rates.  Prof. Aikin stated that the recommendations are not specific.  Prof. Cox stated that this appears to be true, but the report is useful nonetheless as “truth in advertising” in that students need to be made aware of the consequences of underage drinking in Iowa City.  Associate Provost Lopes stated that equal enforcement does not seem to be happening: students are being arrested, but the bar owners who serve them alcohol are not arrested.

MOTION: Prof. Cox moved (second by Prof. Westefeld) to forward the report to the Faculty Senate for discussion and recommendation, and to instruct the Faculty Senate Officers to discuss the report with President Skorton.  The motion passed on voice vote.

   C.   Administration Reviews

Prof. Raymond initiated discussion of Faculty Senate reviews of central administrators.  Prof. Raymond encouraged her colleagues to volunteer to serve on the review committees.

   D.   Faculty Senate President, Margaret Raymond

Prof. Raymond reported that:

  1. The Faculty Senate Officers met various times with the state legislators.  The legislators representing the local areas tend to be supportive of the University’s missions.
  2. Fifteen schools have already endorsed the COIA Framework document.
  3. The Board of Regents met and instructed Pres. Skorton to find a way to reduce the University’s budget by at least $12M per annum.  Pres. Skorton has appointed a committee to make recommendations to him on how to reduce the University’s annual budget.  The committee is to report to the president by April 15, 2004.
  4. The Faculty Senate and AAUP will co-sponsor a symposium on promotion and tenure.  The symposium will be held March 31, 2004 in the Seamans Center.

IV.  Unfinished Business

Salary Incentive Plans, Margaret Raymond

Prof. Raymond initiated discussion on the salary incentive plan.  Prof. Dove indicated that he would like for the Council to know AAUP’s opinion of the merits of the plan before discussing the plan in detail.

MOTION: Prof. Mangum moved (second by Prof. Cox) to table discussion of the incentive plan until the AAUP has a chance to review the plan, but in any case consider the plan no later than one month from today’s meeting.  The motion passed by voice vote.

V.  New Business

Conflict of Interest in Employment Policy, Lee Anna Clark

Associate Provost Clark presented the rationale for changes in the Conflict of Interest Policy proposed by a committee headed by Vice President Buckley and Associate Provost Clark.  A question was raised about potential nepotism: Is there a policy on spousal employment?  Associate Provost Clark responded that the process for reviewing such cases is streamlined, and the issues to be covered in a management plan are well defined.  The committee has developed a template for such management plans.  Interim Provost Cain questioned the need for policy changes if the real problem is an inadequate management plan.  Associate Provost Clark responded that she believes that there is enough commonality in situations to require a change in policy.  Prof. Raymond suggested changes to Section 8.8 (add the word “significantly” affected), and Prof. Lloyd suggested changes to the penultimate paragraph of Sections 8.8 (remove the word “separate”). Associate Provost Clark will amend the Policy accordingly.  Prof. Lloyd asked where the management plans are housed.  Associate Provost Clark responded that all management plans are kept in Vice President Buckley’s office, but a copy is placed in the affected individuals’ files.  Prof. Lloyd suggested that text be added to Section 8.8 clearly defining where the management plans shall be kept.  Associate Provost Clark will amend the policy accordingly.

A discussion ensued concerning the confidentiality of the files and information contained in the management plans.  Associate Provost Clark stated the existence of a management plan is not confidential, but the contents of the plan are known to only those individuals who have a need to know.  Prof. Aikin supported this approach stating that the reason for acknowledging the existence of a management plan is, in part, to reduce rumors.  Prof. Cox suggested changes in the language of the Policy to make clear that the existence of a management plan must be announced.

Prof. Marra suggested adding language to Section A concerning domestic partnership.  Associate Provost Clark stated that she will bring this to the attention of Vice President Buckley and the committee.

MOTION: Prof. Dungy moved (second by Prof. Woodhead) to send the Policy, as amended, to the Faculty Senate for its discussion and consideration.  The motion passed by voice vote.

VI.   Additional Approval

The agenda for the next Faculty Senate meeting (February 10, 2004), as amended, was approved.

VII.  Announcements

   Prof. Raymond made the following announcements

  1. The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held in the Lucas-Dodge Room, IMU on February 10, 2004.
  2. Nominations are solicited for the Michael J. Brody Award.  The nominations are due in 604 JB, by Monday, March 1, 2004.
  3. The next Faculty Council meeting will be held March 9, 2004 in the Penn State Room, IMU.
  4. The Faculty Senate Reception will be held Thursday, March 11, 2004, 5:00-7:00 PM at the State Room, IMU

VIII.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 PM.


Submitted by E.L. Dove, Faculty Senate Secretary