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University of Iowa
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
3:30- 5:15 pm
Senate Chamber, Old Capitol


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approvals
    1. Meeting Agenda
    2. Faculty Senate Minutes: February 6, 2007 (Attachment 1)
  3. Reports
    1. Faculty Senate President, Sheldon Kurtz
    2. UI Budget – Doug True, Senior Vice President and University Treasurer
    3. Mandatory Insurance for Students - A.J. Cannon, Chair, Student Health Advisory Committee, Dr. Mary Khowassah, Director, Student Health, Phillip Jones, VP for Students and Dean of Student Services, and Richard Saunders, Director, UI Benefits 
    4. Tenure Track Policy Update – Susan Johnson, Associate Provost for Faculty
  4. New Business     
  5. Announcement
    1. Faculty Council elections March 23 – 31, 2007
    2. Last Faculty Senate Meeting and Reception, Tuesday, April 24, Senate Chambers, Old Capitol  -  New Faculty Senators will be welcomed; Faculty Senate Officers will be chosen for next year
  6. Adjournment

Senate Members & Guests: Please sign the attendance list before leaving the meeting.