Minutes of the Special Combined Meeting of the University of Iowa
Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government
January 30, 2006
Terrace Room, 166 IMU
3:30-5:00 pm


Faculty Senate: David Asprey, Daniel Balderston, Susan Birrell, Ken Brown, Gary Buettner, Gloria Bulechek, Christine Catney, Michael Cohen (Secretary), Jane Desmond, Virginia Dominguez, David Drake, Sarah Fagan, Richard Fumerton, Frederick Goodman, Thomas Grabowski, Carin Green, Paul Heidger, Ronald Herman, Geoffrey Hope, Mark Karwal, Craig Kletzing, Sheldon Kurtz, Thomas Loew, Rene Martin, Donald MacFarlane, Steve McGuire, Frank Mitros, James Nepola, Thomas O’Dorisio, Michael O’Hara, Christine Pawley, Beth Pelton, Todd Pettys, Catherine Ringen, Jay Sa-Aadu, Victoria Sharp, Linda Snetselaar, Janet Specht, Anne Sullivan, Katherine Tachau, Tuong Ton-That, Downing Thomas, Brad Thompson, Steven Vincent, Marcia Ward, John Westefeld,

Staff Council: Chris Anderson, Chris Annicella, Lori Bassler, Linda Bergquist, Ella Born, Judith Brewer, Chris Catney, Janet Duncan, Nancy Fick, David Fitzgerald, Mary Heath, Hazel Keri, Mary Lee Neubergh, Jan Pettus, Kathleen Renquist, Heather Schnoebelen, Keri Semrau, Sheri Soja, Anne Sopher, Sarah Tallman, Jan Waterhouse, Rhonda Weaver, Michelle Wiegand,

UISG: Flip Arkulary, Amy Cheng, Mark Anthony Dingbaum, Kristi Finger, Taya Hein, Sauran Pandit, Jason Shore, Sarah Vigmostad,

Guests: Judith Aikin (German), Chad Aldeman (Student), R. David Arkush (History), Doug Baynton (History), Connie Berman (History), Ian Besse (COGS), Sue Buckley (VP Human Resources), Kirk Corey (Information Tech), Jeff Cox (History), Martha Craft-Rosenberg (Nursing), Corey Creekmur (Cinema & Comparative Lit), Walter Dobrian (Spanish & Portuguese), Charles Drum (University Relations), William Duba (History), Charlie Eastham (Health Care Info Sys), Colin Farley (Student), Robert Fritzsche (Student), Lydia Funk (Student), Miriam Gilbert (English), Michel Gobat (History), Brian Gollnick (Spanish & Portuguese), Laura Gotkowitz (History), Paul Greenough (History), Sarah Hanley (History), Holly Hart (Broadcasting Services), Elizabeth Heineman (History), Johnnes Hell (Pharmacology),  Gregg Hennigan (Press-Citizen), Andrew Henning (Student), Judie Hermsen (UIHR), Keela Herr (Nursing), Jacqueline Jacobson (Staff Nurse), Kathleen Janz (Health & Sport Studies),Susan Johnson (Office of the Provost), Linda Kerber (History),Megan Knight (Rhetoric), Emily Lemke (Student), Brenda Longfellow (Art & Art History), Lola Lopez (Office of the Provost), Philip Lutgendorf (Asian Lit), Teresa Mangum (English), Ann Marie McCarthy (Nursing), Christine McCarthy (Education Policy & Leadership), Maureen McCormick (Learning and Development), Debra McFell-Wallerich (Nursing), John McLaughlin (CIO), Mark Madsen (Radiology), Jess Mandel (Medicine Admin),John Menninger (Biological Sciences), Margaret Mills (Russian), Jennifer Modestou (Equal Opportunity & Diversity), Rosemary Moore (History), Adalaide Morris (English), David Morris (Graduate Student), Lori Muntz (Student), Robert Neppl (Physics & Astronomy), Greg Oden (Psychology), Judith Pascoe (English), William Reisinger (Office of the Provost), Jennifer Richman (Office of Student Life), Jon Ringen (Literature, Science & the Arts), Shira Robinson (History), Tom Rocklin (Office of the Provost), Mark Sadewasser (ITS), Nick Sarcose (Graduate Student), Michael Saul (Student), Mary Schott (President’s Office), Leslie Schwalm (History), John Beldon Scott (Art & Art History), Jay Semel (Obermann Center), Jennifer Sessions (History), Kevin Shroth (Graduate Student), Cindy Smith (CLAS Admin), Claire Sponsler (English), James Spratt (Pharmacology), Justin St Clair (Student), Addison Stark (Student), David Stern (Philosophy), Shelly Stromquist (History), Eileen Sullivan (Biological Sciences), Charlotte Talman (Research Services), Diana Vele (Spanish & Portuguese),Stephen Vlastos (History), Justin Weis (Student), Robert Weiss (Internal Medicine), Evelyn Acosta Wierich (SAAH), Rachel Williams (Art Education), Richard Williams (Urology), Carol Wilcox (Alumni Services), Mary Mathew Wilson (Staff), Pamela Wong (Student), Vershaun Yang (Rhetoric)

I.      Introduction, Richard LeBlond

Faculty Senate President LeBlond opened the meeting at 3:40 p.m. 

After introducing himself, he also introduced the Vice President of the Faculty Senate, Professor Kurtz, the President and Vice President of Staff Council, Michelle Wichman and Mary Greer, and the President and Vice President of the UI Student Government, Mark Kresowik and Lauren McCarthy. 

President LeBlond gave a brief introduction as to the purpose of the meeting which was to help the Regents identify an excellent President and allow the UI community active involvement. 

II.      Convene the Legislative Bodies

The unique convention of the three legislative bodies, integral to shared governance at the University of Iowa, were convened in this special meeting. 

III.     Approval of the Agenda, Richard LeBlond

Professor Kurtz moved approval, seconded by Professor O’Hara, for the agenda.  It was approved unanimously by voice vote.

IV.  Reports

   A.  Procedures and Rules of Order, LeBlond, Wichman, Kresowik

Because of the unique nature of this combined meeting the rules of order regularly applied were not germane.  Consequently, Professor Kurtz made a motion that the rules order be modified, seconded by Professor Thomas.  The motion carried by unanimous voice vote. 

   B.  Background on UI Presidential Searches, Jonathan Carlson

Professor John Carlson, College of Law, gave a brief background about the past presidential searches, having served as chair of the last Presidential Search Committee that identified President Skorton.  Professor Carlson indicated that broad-based campus participation had been an integral aspect for the last 40+ years, as well as the fact that the chair of the search committee had been a member of the faculty.  In addition, the chair of the search committee, the President of the Faculty Senate, and the President of the Board of Regents worked collaboratively to nominate members of the search committee.  In the past, Board of Regents members have served in an ex officio capacity.  The committee was responsible for identifying the search criteria and the job description, and in conjunction with an executive search firm, did the initial screening.  This led to off and subsequently on campus interviews, and the recommendation of at least four, unranked, candidates to the Board of Regents from which they selected the new president.  The hallmarks were cooperation between the Board of Regents and the Search Committee, as well as the broad nature of the composition of the Search Committee.

President LeBlond made some additional remarks and then opened the meeting for discussion.  His own comments included concerns about the Board of Regents functioning as the Chair of the Committee and the fact that a small number of faculty could not adequately represent the diversity of the faculty present at the University of Iowa.  He indicated that the message was getting out and that on Thursday, February 2nd he would be giving a brief (5 minute) presentation to the Board of Regents.

V.  New Business

   A.   Faculty Senate Resolution, Sheldon Kurtz

President LeBlond introduced Professor Kurtz who motioned to accept a resolution outlining principles for the upcoming presidential search.  Professor Ringen seconded the motion.  President LeBlond opened the floor for discussion.  Several faculty and staff council members voiced concerns about the search process that the Board of Regents was utilizing at the University of Northern Iowa.  A motion was put forth to change some language in the original motion.  After it was seconded there was further discussion.  The motion failed to pass after being defeated by a unanimous vote of the Faculty Senators.  The Faculty Senate then voted on the motion brought forth by Professor Kurtz, which passed unanimously

   B.   Staff Council Resolution, Mary Greer

Subsequently the Staff Council introduced a nearly identical motion by Mary Greer, which was seconded.  This motion also carried by unanimous voice vote

   C.   Advice and Counsel for Governance Leaders

President LeBlond opened the discussion to the members present at the meeting to help identify the reasons that the Faculty Senate, Staff Council and student leadership could articulate to the Board of Regents as a rationale for continuing the historical precedence.  One of the salient issues noted was that the past process had been extremely effective in identifying quality candidates and ultimately university presidents.  The fact that some of these presidents have gone on to presidencies at other institutions was identified as clear evidence of a successful process.  Other ideas put forth were 1) a petition, 2) to extend an invitation to Board of Regents President Michael Gartner to visit with the UI community and 3) to articulate the distinct difference between UI and UNI and hence the need for a substantively different search process.  Finally, it was recommended that the working together of the three leadership groups within the institution and with the Board of Regents should be continued.

VI.  Adjourn

There being no further business, President LeBlond adjourned the meeting at 4:41 pm.


Michael Cohen
Faculty Senate Secretary
Professor of Pathology