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University of Iowa
Tuesday, March 7, 2006
3:30 p.m.
Tippie Auditorium, W151 PBB


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approvals
    1. Meeting Agenda
    2. Faculty Senate Minutes, February 7, 2006 (Attachment 1)
    3. Committee on Committees, Sheldon Kurtz
      - Human Rights: Laurie McCormick, Psychiatry, will replace Ken Cmiel, History (2006-08)
  3. Reports  
    1.  Vice President for Research, Meredith Hay
    2.  Presidential Committee on Athletics, Chuck Lynch (Attachments 2a and 2b)
    3.  Faculty Senate President, Richard LeBlond
      1.  Presidential Search Update
      2.  Shared Governance Task Force Proposal Update
      3.  Faculty Senate Election, March 3-13
      4.  Request for FS Program Assistant Position to Full-Time
      5.  CIC Leadership Program
      6.  Representative for the Review of Violence Policy
      7.  Final Senate Meeting in Senate Chambers of Old Capitol
    4. Campus Climate Survey, Laura Reed
  4. From the floor
  5. Announcements
    1. Faculty Senate, April 25, Senate Chambers, Old Capitol
    2. Legislative Receptions, 4th Saturday of each month
  6. Adjournment